Participation in BPU11 CONGRESS

Participation in BPU11 CONGRESS
11th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union
28 August – 1 September 2022, Belgrade, Serbia

ULTIMATE-I project members’ participation:

Igor Stanković (Senzor Infiz/IPB), poster presentation: « Tubular structures of magnetic particles: platform for curvilinear nanomagnetism». Authors: I. S., M. Dašić, C. Garcia.
S. Rodriguez Sotelo (CONICET), poster presentation: «Planar surfaces of point dipoles as a platform for 2d magnetic structure research». Authors: S. R. S., I. Stanković, M. Passeggi (Jr.), M. Aguirre, C. Garcia.
S. Rodriguez Sotelo (CONICET), talk: «DFT study of AlF3 intercalated in HOPG: a rechargeable battery application». Authors: S. R. S., A.E. Candia; M. Passeggi (Jr.); G. Ruano.