Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica (CNEA)

CNEA is the Argentinean Nuclear State Agency with facilities in several parts of the country. It is dedicated to different aspects of Nuclear Energy and is capable of completing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and exporting technology. CNEA has also a strong and long-term commitment to research in physics, chemistry, nuclear medicine, nanotechnology, etc. in several institutions. Laboratories participating in this project are

Magnetic Resonance and the Low-Temperature division at Bariloche and
Micro and Nanotechnology Department (GDTyPE-CAC) at Buenos Aires. 

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory’s main activities include basic and applied research in new developments in magnetic properties in materials with applications in medicine, spintronics, materials science, and sensors associated with conventional activities and the nuclear sector.

Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Alejandro Butera
Researcher of CNEA and CONICET
, and
Professor at the Instituto Balseiro, Bariloche, Argentina. 

Expertise: Magnetism in thin films and multilayers, Ferromagnetic Resonance, spin currents, Magnetoleastic films, Materials for EPR dosimetry

Principal Researcher of CONICET (1998), Researcher of CNEA (2016), Professor at Instituto Balseiro (1992), all from Argentina. Bachelor (1989) and PhD in Physics (1995) at the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of Bariloche Atomic Center in Argentina.


Team members:

Dr. Nestor Haberkorn
Principal Researcher of CONICET

Expertise: Magnetron sputtering, Superconductivity, Vortex dynamics, Superconducting  / ferromagnetic heterostructures.

Bachelor (1999) and PhD in Chemistry (2005) at Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina. Postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA (2011-2012). Associate Editorial Board at Material Letters (Elsevier).


Dra. Gabriela Alejandro
Researcher CONICET,

Expertise: Magnetism, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) of bulk compounds and ferromagnetic devices, EPR dosimetry of ionizing radiations.

Obtained a Physics degree at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1994 and her PhD at Instituto Balseiro (2002). Her thesis focused on EPR of colossal magnetoresistive (CMR) manganites. Postdoc at Centro Atómico Bariloche (2002-2005). Researcher at Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Conicet, Argentina) since 2005.

Contact: galejand(at)

Dr. Luis Aviles Felix
Researcher CONICET,

Expertise: Magnetism, spintronics and the implementation of experimental techniques for the characterization of magnetic materials

Junior Researcher of the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) from Argentina. Received my Ph.D. in Physics in 2015 from Instituto Balseiro/Cuyo’s National University at the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory.

Contact: lavilesf(at)

Dr. Javier Curiale
Researcher CONICET,

Expertise: Magnetism and spintronics in bulk and nanostructured materials, mainly metals, semiconductors, magnetoresistive materials (natural or artificial), and complex oxides in general.

Permanent independent researcher at CONICET (Argentinean Scientific and Technologic Research Council) since 01/04/2009. Working at Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute (CONICET-CNEA) in Magnetic Resonance Laboratory at the Bariloche Atomic Center of the Argentinean Commission of Atomic Energy. Ph.D. in Physics in 2008 from Instituto Balseiro/Cuyo’s National University and a degree in Physical Sciences from the School of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.


Dra. Lara Melisa Solis,
Assistant professor at Universidad Nacional de San Martín (2021) in Argentina.

Expertise: Growth of thin films and multilayers by Pulsed Laser Deposition, Spin currents, Spin Seebeck Effect.

Scholarship-holder of CNEA working at Micro and Nanotechnology Department (2020), Degree (2016) and Master in Physics (2017) from Instituto Balseiro in Bariloche Atomic Center in Argentina.  PhD at Instituto Sábato and Universidad de Zaragoza (2019).


Dr. Julián Milano
Researcher CONICET

Dr. Javier E. Gomez
Researcher CONICET

Dra. Mara Granada
Researcher CONICET

Dra. Ana Sarmiento
Expertise: semiconductors, superconductors, and magnetism.

Dra. Dafne GOIJMAN

Jose Luis Ampuero Torres
Ph.D. Candidate

Expertise: magnetism, spintronics, thin films, and vacuum systems.

Juan Andres Hofer
Ph.D. Candidate of CONICET

Expertise: Superconductivity, Growth of thin films and multilayers by Sputter Deposition, Microfabrication

Daniel Velázquez Rodriguez
Ph.D. Candidate

Angel Perez Martinez
Ph.D. Candidate

Maria Jose CortesBurgos
PhD Student

Expertise: Synthesis of thin films and characterization techniques, Magnetism, Magnetic anisotropy, Domain Walls motion.