Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos

UNMSM – Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos host the GISICOF (Research Group of Functionalized Complex Systems) group in Physics Faculty, Lima-Perú.

The GISICOF is part of the Physical Sciences Faculty at the San Marcos National University, located in Lima, Peru. Our research activities are mainly oriented to theoretical and experimental studies of magnetic materials (Heusler alloys, magnetic multilayers), functionalized complex systems (quasicrystals, complex metallic alloys, intermetallics), bioceramics (hydroxyapatite, carboapatite), and low dimensional systems (metallic nanoparticles, graphene, polymeric membranes).

Equipments: X-ray diffractometer, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Scanning Electron Microscope, Mössbauer Spectrometer, Magnetron Sputtering and Right-Angle Magnetron Sputtering.

Carlos Landauro