Scientific publication by ULTIMATE-I researchers from CNEA-CONICET Argentina and University of Zaragoza Spain: “Annealing effects on the magnetic and magnetotransport properties of iron oxide nanoparticles self-assemblies”

Fernando Fabris, Enio Lima Jr. (CNEA-CONICET), Jorge Martín Núñez (CNEA), Horacio E Troiani, Myriam H Aguirre (UniZar), Víctor Leborán, Francisco Rivadulla, Elin L. Winkler (CNEA-CONICET)

In magnetic tunnel junctions based on iron oxide nanoparticles, the disorder and the oxidation state of the surface spin as well as the nanoparticles functionalization play a crucial role in the magnetotransport properties. We report a systematic study of the effects of vacuum annealing on the structural, magnetic, and transport properties of self-assembled ∼10 nm Fe3O4 nanoparticles. This work shows new insights into the influence of the nanoparticle interfacial composition, as well as their spatial arrangement, on the tunnel transport of self-assemblies, and evidence of the importance of optimizing the nanostructure fabrication for increasing the tunneling current without degrading the spin-polarized current.

Nanotechnology, Volume 34, Number 45

DOI: 10.1088/1361-6528/aced0e

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All Open Access, Green Submitted