Introducing high-school students to the magnetism and spintronics research

Dr. Igor Stanković presented his research on magnetism, spintronics, and self-assembly of magnetic particles to two groups of students from different high schools in Serbia interested in physics and science in general at Petnica Science Center. The presentations took place on April 16th, 2024 during the initial winter seminars. The idea of this seminar is to give the new students, who enter into the programs of the Petnica Science Center, an opportunity to meet researchers and directly learn about their research topic, scientific approach, and challenges. During his presentation, Dr. Igor Stanković demonstrated how the manipulation of magnetic neodymium magnets can lead to formulating fundamental questions about magnetic interactions and how the results of direct observations can be scientifically described. Also, he explained the value of scientific collaboration with experimental groups supported by the European Union through the ULTIMATE-I project.

Petnica Science Center is the biggest and, probably, the oldest independent nonprofit organization for extracurricular, informal science education in South Eastern Europe, since 1982 Petnica has organized more than 3,000 programs (seminars, workshops, research camps…) for nearly 50,000 students and science teachers in 15 disciplines of science, technology and the humanities.