New York University

New York University, Physics Department, host the Center for Quantum Phenomena, consisting of a world-renowned center and state-of-the-art facilities for studies of magnetism and magnetic materials. Expertise: in thin film growth and characterization, device nanofabrication and HF FMR measurements EPR and time-resolved studies of magnetization dynamics. Infrastructure: thin-film growth techniques, MBE PLD and PVD, Hall effect, and conductivity measurements, including FMR capabilities with frequencies up to 50GHz with a VNA.

Main Infrastructure: Thermal Transport Option for PPMS and Seebeck homemade apparatus.

Principal investigator:

Prof. Andrew Kent

Professor Of Physics; Director of the Center for Quantum Phenomena

Areas of Research

Magnetism and transport in mesoscopic systems; magnetic quantum tunneling and coherence in nanostructures; spin-dependence electron transport (spintronics), giant magnetoresistance; spin-angular momentum transfer; scanning probe microscopy of nanostructured materials; novel local probes of cooperative phenomena in nanomagnets.