The development of new magnetic and thermal sensors shares basic principles in the spintronic related to spin Hall effect/ inverse spin Hall effect (SHE/ISHE) and the spin to charge conversion science. In ULTIMATE, we propose to work with suitable hybrid nanostructures to improve further these effects. By studying hybrid nanostructured materials in which the mentioned properties are better performed, will pave the way to improve the Spin Hall magnetoresistance-based magnetic sensor and spin Seebeck effect-based temperature sensor. 

We have divided the strategy program into two big steps: i) From basic knowledge searching for new and better materials to perform spin Hall magnetoresistance (SMR) and spin Seebeck effect (SSE); and careful study of interfaces and nano structuration that inherently could alter the magnetism and the spin transport, since magnetism is based on the strong short-range correlation between electronic spin and orbital degrees of freedom; and ii) From development and application at the first approximation of new materials to new designs of SSE temperature- and SMR magnetic- sensor.