Europe backs with nearly €4 million creative and innovative research proposals generated at the University of Zaragoza

ULTIMATE-I project deals with a new hybrid combination of materials which better perform the spin-to-charge conversion, control spin currents and produces sensor prototypes with outstanding performance. The financial net contribution of the European Union to the University of Zaragoza is € 473 800 out of a total of € 1 692 800 for six involved beneficiaries.

ULTIMATE-I project involves twelve partners with a strong background in spintronic, magnetic and multiferroic materials from EU and Third Countries, which will dedicate to solving common problems in nanomagnetism, generation and manipulation of spin currents, that affect the detection and sensitivity of sensors.

Press release published on INMA website, 25th Sep. 2020

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Press release published on iUNIZAR bulletin, 17th Sep. 2020