Poster presentations at JEMS 2023, Madrid (Spain)

JEMS 2023, 27th Aug. to 1st Sep. 2023, Madrid (Spain)

Luis Avilés (CNEA): « Spin transport and magnetic dynamics in ultra low damping epitaxial Co100-xFex/Ta bilayers »; authors: D. Velázquez Rodríguez, J.E. Gómez, T.E. Torres, M.H. Aguirre J. Milano, P. Costanzo, L. Avilés-Félix, A. Butera

Lara Solís (CNEA): « Temperature-dependence of ferromagnetic resonance in YIG garnets thin films »; authors: Lara M. Solís, Santiago Carreira, Javier Briático, Abdelmadjid Anane, Myriam H. Aguirre, Laura Steren

Myriam Aguirre (UNIZAR): « Synthesis of magnetite from natural pyrite for energy conversion devices »; authors: Vanina G. Franco, Adriana E. Candia, Jorge M. Núñez, Miguel Rengifo, Myriam H. Aguirre