Scientific publication by ULTIMATE-I researchers from ICN2 Spain and USM Chile: “Antisite defects and chemical expansion in low-damping, high-magnetization yttrium iron garnet films”

Dr. José Santiso (ICN2), Dr. Carlos García (USM), Dr. Cristian Romanque (USM), Dr. Loïc Henry, Dr. Nicolas Bernier, Dr. Núria Bagués, Dr. José Manuel Caicedo (ICN2), Dr. Manuel Valvidares, Dr. Felip Sandiumenge

Nanoscale epitaxial yttrium iron garnet films still pose fundamental issues regarding their interfacial behavior and impact on magnetic properties. This work shows interfacial yttrium accumulation forming octahedral antisite defects. The resulting suppression of magnetic moment from the minority sublattice results in an increased saturation magnetization. These results suggest a strong impact of unbalanced interdiffusion on magnetic behavior.

ChemNanoMat 2022, e20220

DOI: 10.1002/cnma.202200495

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