Presentation of new results in magnetism at Simposio Chileno de Fisica

ULTIMATE-I members from Chile, Serbia, and Spain participated and presented their new results on magnetism and spintronics during the annual conference of the Chilean Physical Society held at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (USM), Valparaíso, Chile.

Paolo Vavassori from nanoGune in Spain gave a talk on Ultrafast control of magnetization by light.

Mario Mery, Claudio Gonzalez, J. E. Valdés, Vanina Franco, Myriam H. Aguirre, and Carlos Garcia presented a poster on the Ferromagnetic response of NiO irradiated with H2 and He+ ion beams. Their work included research performed by three project partner organizations (CONICET from Argentina, UNIZAR from Spain, and USM from Chile).